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Clifford,, W. K., continued—

elected F.R.S., i. 19

marriage, i. 20

affection for children, i. 22

love of truth, i. 24

health gives way, i. 26

goes to the Mediterranean, i.

dislike to letter-writing, i. 29

return to England, i. 30

relapse, i. 30

religious opinions, i. 31

goes to Madeira, i. 32

death, i. 33

Senate's desire that he should
retain* his Professorship at
Univ. Coll., i, 34

knowledge of Catholic theo-
logy, i. 39

position on theological ques-
tions, i. 40

enthusiasm for Darwin's
theory of evolution, i. 42

on Mr. Herbert Spencer, i. 42

on the education of women,

i- 43
admiration for Mazzini, i. 43,


political ideas, i. 44
admiration for Spinoza, i. 49
proposed lecture on Spinoza,

i. 49
mind and matter, theory of,

.i- So

his love of light, i, 52
wish  to construct  a  flying

machine, i, 53
disaster to a kite, i, 53
personal appearance, i. 55
visit to Algeria, i. 63
journey to Malaga, i. 68
visits Granada, L 71
impressions of the Alhambni,

i, 74
<''oleridge, S. T,, on Christianity

and truth, ii. 176


Comet, Encke's, movement of,

i. 262
Comets, absurd theories about,

ii. 3
Community, meaning of, ii. 153

moral allegiance to, ii. 158
Comte, Auguste, on the function

of humanity, ii. 154
Conscience, based on allegiance

to the community,  ii.   81

sgq., 153, 156. 240
an aggregate of feelings as to

right and wrong, ii. 103
and   responsibility,   connec-
tion between, ii. 127
standard of, the best, ii. 149


function of, Darwin on, ii. 150
a theory and a definition of,

ii. 247, 295
Mr.  Frederic   Harrison  and

Schopenhauer on, ii. 252
Hieroklcs on, ii. 267
and reason, ii. 296
Consciousness,   beginning and

growth of, i. io6sqq.; ii. 26
end of, i. 292 ; ii. 28
early hypothesis of, ii. 8
complexity of, ii. 20
links   between   present and

former states of, ii. 21
involuntary, ii. 21
implies disturbance of nerve

matter, ii. 29
state of, known to one's self

only, ii. 29
removes   body   from   mere

mechanical level, ii. 34
objects of, ii. 56
changes in, parallel to changes

in brain, ii. 61, 66
made up of eject!ve facts, ii.

66, 68

feeling can exist without form-
ing part of a, ii. 69
evolved from mind-stuff, ii. 70
Z 2